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Our ambition ?
Make the most simple solution to make sure that you can implement quickly and easily your templates.



Your company is unique, so every template need to be adapted and custom fit for your needs. That why our technology was build to be adapted to your context.



Nos solutions s’appuient sur les technologies les plus robustes et sécurisées du marché pour vous permettre de garder l’esprit léger

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Easy and Fast template building with tools you already know

If you already know how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, you already know how to build a template.

Design is not just for Salesforce Experts, you can design your template and control the look and feel on every single document.

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When Salesforce flexibility meets Microsoft Azure strenght

Our solutions are built on a strong & secure.

We don’t store your data but only store your templates in order to make sure that we meet RGPD compliance.

Both experts in Salesforce environnements and Microsoft, we are taking the best of both to make it happen.

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Made in France and with a commitment for voluntering

Just like many companies in Salesforce ecosystem, we are making sure that the 1-1-1 model is part of our strategy.

We have multiple project to give time, ressources and products to non-profit organisation that need our help.

If you have any question, please reach us to make sure that we can help !


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An assistant just for you

You can add Salesforce field directly in your word without going into Salesforce. Use our Add-in directly in word.

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A team and a solution 100% certified by Salesforce

Certified on the AppExchange, we are making sure that all release are completly transparent for the user.

With a solution certified we need also a team with certification. A Salesforce Application Architech is part of the design team in collaboration in cloud Experts (Sales, Service, Experience, ...)

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720° Customer View, 360° with Salesforce and 360° by Gonexa !

Because it doesn’t need to be boring, we like to keep it light and positive !

Customer centrics is in our DNA, so if you want to see it with your own eyes, come visit us in Lyon !


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